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Angela May(non-registered)
I can honestly say that Elizabeth Susan Carter is one of my favorite artists and photographers, but most of all one of my favorite souls. Each time we work together our creative bond becomes stronger and what is produced out of our collaboration is, in my opinion, exquisite. She knows how to photograph the true sensuality of a woman and develop it into a beautiful work of art. Her and I have supported one another through our own artistic journeys and having the privilege of watching her craft evolve inspires me to continue evolving as an artist. I admire her dedication, attention to detail, and the amount of time she puts into researching everything she can to further her talent. You are the bees knees, much love to you. ♥
Ashley Katrina(non-registered)
Not only did I feel extremely comfortable working with Elizabeth Susan Carter, but I received truly one of a kind images from her. Her innovative and unique approach creates not only aesthetically pleasing gorgeous images, but genuine works of art. She's without a doubt a true artist who turns photographs into masterpieces. You'll see yourself in a whole different light, and your portfolio will gain one of a kind images that I can guarantee you won't get from anyone else. I can honestly say I feel very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with her and future opportunities to collaborate with her.
I had a wonderful time modeling for Elizabeth! She was not only a sweet person, but a skilled photographer. She had great input for poses and my images turned out better than I had expected! She works with great makeup and hair people as well so you know the finished product will be awesome! She makes you very comfortable and all the girls I shot with had a good time!
James Morgan
As an artist, I am always seeking good reference material for my work.
Unfortunately, finding life models in my area is difficult, to say the least.

I contacted Elizabeth through Facebook, and set up a shoot. I went over the poses I was hoping for, the body type I'd prefer, and so on. She found me a perfect model, and put her best efforts into the work. Excellent shots, and then some! I will definitely continue business with her in future endeavors...
Lou Tavares(non-registered)
Love your aggressive and sexy style thanks for sharing your work great eye any sense of style.
Mark Schmudde(non-registered)
You have some beautiful work here. I am really glad I have had the opportunity to work with you and I look forward to many more shoots working together. Keep up the great work!
Re Hernandez(non-registered)
Through my work with Red Valet Photography I met Elizabeth Carter. I have known Elizabeth for over 10 years. She spent a great deal with me when we first met explaining ways of building a photography business. Our first project together is an experience I will never forget. She allowed me to show her my creativity and I got to see the true artist that is her. And threw the years the progression of her work just gets better and better. Elizabeth’s allows you to look threw her eyes. To see the beauty she sees in each and every model she photographs. The thing about photographing with Elizabeth is… she makes you feel comfortable and relaxed even if you’re a first time model. She will help direct you and the next thing you know she is getting pictures you, you never even imagined. She makes you feel like a super model even if your brand new to the industry or just your average everyday girl…that wants to give her husband/boyfriend a picture he will never forget! I can say this from experience. I’ve been privileged to be in front of her camera as well as work side by side with her photographing. I have also been invited to and attended gallery viewings of her work. I am very proud to know her and call her my friend. I recommend her over and over!
Nicole Scott(non-registered)
It was a pleasure working with you!! I had a great time at the shoot and the photos turned out amazing! You really made me feel comfortable and I had a lot of fun! Can't wait to work with you again!!
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