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Digital Prints



As a new feature to my website, I am now offering digital downloads of 1-megabyte images. The intent of this is for artists who are looking for reference images that they can draw.


All you need to do once you find the image you are interested in, just click on the thumbnail of the image. Once you are viewing the larger version on the bottom right hand side, you will see a listing of prices of prints for sale. Click on “view all products”


Now you will see another page with thumbnails on it. Click on the thumbnail that says "DOWNLOADS"


The images for artist reference are less expensive than the digital print files because they are smaller. Yes you can still get smaller print from the less expensive file, but if you are a client or fan who plans to print the file your going to need the larger file for prints. 


If you are interested in Purchasing more than one image please contact me and I will give you a discount for buying 2 or more digital images.


Once you pay you will be given instructions on how to download the image. If you have any problems with this go to the “contact me” page and let me, know what is going on.


Happy Drawing!