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Buying Prints 



It is always a pleasure to get emails from people who visit my website, especially when the visitor is interested in buying a print or two for their art collection.


After reviewing my website and speaking to several people who have contacted me about both limited edition and reprints, it became apparent that on this website I had never really made it clear that all of the images posted in any and all of my galleries are for sale. There are also many options as to what you can buy.


Whether you are a model, customer or even an art collector, I have written up this page for both my website and a blog posting.  I would like to make the whole process of buying prints not so confusing and help you understand what kind of products I offer.


For the models and actors with whom I do, trade shoots with, the photoshoot is not the end of our relationship. Although I am unable to give you physical pints, I do try to keep the prices of not only the prints but also all the other products at reasonable prices. If you have any comments, questions and or concerns, feel free to contact me at any time.


Through the partners I have chosen to affiliate myself with at Zenfolio, you are able to buy everything from a 4x6 print, mounted fotoflōts or even a hard cover photo album with any and all of the images of your choice.


If you have images of your own that you would like to add to a photo album or any of the products that include more than one image, please contact me and we can work out a way that you can combine all of your digital prints into one final product. There is no additional fee for this.


Let me break down the process on how to get on the track to see what products your favorite images are available on


Once you have entered a photo gallery and see the array of thumbnails that make up that specific portfolio, under each large thumbnail there is a small grey tab that says, “BUY.”  If you click on that tab, you will be in the store.


I am sure that with all art/image purchases being an investment you are going to want a better look at what you are buying, so to get a better look at the image you want, just click on the large thumbnail and VOLA you see a much larger image with more detail.


After you click on the image, you want to buy, in the bottom right hand corner you will see the words “Featured Products” followed by a small list of prints and prices. At the very bottom of that small list just click on the small tab that says, “View all products”


This is a small run down of what products I have chosen to offer through my Zenfolio partners.


Prints ~ you can get anything from a 4x6 up to a 20x30. There are many sizes in between, whatever frames you are trying to fill; we have a print for it!


Digital Downloads ~ for artist I offer a “Royalty Free” download of a smaller image that can be used artistic reference. This comes with a license so that if any problems of copyright ownership ever occur you have proof that you have a green light to draw said image.


I also offer a high resolution, print size download, if by chance, you would like to print the image yourself and or through a lab, that is not one of my Zenfolio partners. The high-resolution download, however, will not allow you to produce reprints to sell to others.


Showcase ~ where you can find both Canvas gallery wraps and modern metal prints. Both are excellent ways to show off some artistic flair


Photobooks ~ Custom hard cover photo books in a variety of sizes


Greeting Cards ~ both flat and folded greeting cards. As an actor or model, it is always a great idea to send a card with your photograph on it that is different from your headshot. This is to thank whomever you had a meeting with and or auditioned. It will remind them of who you are!


Specialty ~ Fold out accordions ~ the perfect example to highlight a group of photos in a decorative original presentation. You may choose in several styles.


Collages ~ both portrait and landscape designs for you to show off your photoshoot and or artistic prints


Fotoflōts ~ a new stylish way to mount and hang your photographs. Frames are no longer your only option for hanging art and or your photographs on walls!


If you are interested in buying a limited edition and or signed print of any of my work then you will need to contact me directly.


Click on the contact tab at the header of my website. All of my information is listed for your convince.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your interest in buying original art by Elizabeth Susan Carter