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Oceans Gentleman's Club

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Oceans Gentleman's Club



For those of you that have been paying attention, I am sure at least some of you have taken note that I recently attended a new photoshoot to my site. This newest addition was shot at the well-known establishment known as Oceans Gentleman’s Club. The club is located in Bedford Park, Illinois.


For you naughty ones who were sleeping and passing notes in the back of the classroom, I posted a clickable photo link at the bottom of this post. All you need to do is click on the photograph of the beautiful blond who is none other than Chicago model Ashley Grahn.


In all my years in this photography game, much to my dismay, I have never had the opportunity to shoot in this sort of establishment. I have always wanted to shoot an exotic dancer, as I love shooting any and all types of dancers. However, I never knew how to go about enquiring about doing so.


Even with my female photographer card, the last thing I want to do is ever come off as one of those creepy photographers also known as a GWC (Guy With Camera)  flashing my business card at every female in a Gentleman Club.


It was my lucky day when Chicago photographer Billy Pissions informed me that he was indeed hosting an event at Ocean. The only words for how happy I was is to say, “I was over the moon”


I know I have been very hush hush about this, but I have embarked on a personal project of more in depth story telling using photography as my medium. This the project is going to involve anywhere between 20/30 images. I will get more into what is all going on with that in a future post.


Anyways! As part of my project, I needed to photograph of a model, in a strip club. I almost could not believe my good luck after finding out about the Billy Pissons meetup event. Although I knew from the start, I needed the dancer image I had never told anyone. I guess the universe was on my side for once


The first thing I noticed and how could I not, was the ambiance and overall vibe of Ocean. This place sets a new standard for the words “Class Act” when talking about a Gentleman's Club. What I thought was really cool, was the neat moat-like pool that surrounded the main stage! When the club is in full swing this moat is filled with, the Oceans finest females dressed and undressed in their skimpiest of attire.


I was quite amused when I saw that there were even pool toys and floaties. Those are for the dancers to play with while the club is in full swing. It is obvious that Ocean leaves no stone unturned when it comes to entertaining its clientele.


Sadly, I did not have time to shoot any of the models in the pool during my first visit to this posh club. I had hyper-focus on getting the shot I needed for my project.


A few of the photographers, Billy Pissions especially got fantastic images of many of the models frolicking in the pool. On my next professional visit to Ocean, I definitely plan to spend some time shooting some mermaids for my portfolio. I am kicking myself for not getting any shots in while I was there, but as I noted before, I was a woman on a mission.


I spent some time walking around the bar, catching random photographs of both the models and fellow photographers. As I shoot with bare basics, it is always fun to see what equipment others are using. There was some impressive gear floating around this shoot. I think I was most impressed with the mega light that Reynald Geonson had, his main light was bigger than my truck!


I love meeting other photographers at events like this. Not only was his equipment noteworthy, both Reynald and his wife were a pleasure to chat with. I spend so much time in front of my computer editing, sometimes I forget that there are other talented people out there, slaving away, doing the same thing I am.


I was completely blown away with the photos Reynald came up with from the Ocean event, with not only his skills but also the overall vibe of his work. It is always a pleasure to come across a photographer who loves what they and has the talent to back up their passion.


To see more stellar images by Reynald please visit




During my wanders, I also had the pleasure of meeting the club owner Debbie. I would like to send out an extended thank you to both her and her assistant Walter. I know that coming into work hours early on a Sunday could not be either of their ideas of fun, but none the less not only did they come to let  the motley crew in.


I worked with several models in the few short hours our group had to shoot inside the club. I did get some really great stage shots, so hopefully I will have found my “golden ticket” and can head on to the next image on my bucket list of photographs.


Overall, I did have a great time shooting at Ocean; I shot some great images and even connected with a fantastic model with whom I plan to do a few future shoots. For those of you who may be looking for a great model, I have just the girl for you. She is the model that I have a photo of at the bottom of the blog and the model who dominates my oceans gentlemen club page under “portfolios”


This model is none other than Ashley Katrina Grahn. Note the hyperlink to her Facebook fan page. Ashley is a dream to work with, models like her do not come along every day. Although she is beautiful enough to get away with it, there is no diva complex with this girl.


Not that she needs much, but she takes direction well. Aside from the few photos that had technical problems, just about every frame of her was a winner.


Upon looking at her Facebook fan page, It is apparent that her look and vibe is very diverse. She is the girl next door and the dominant vixen of your dreams all rolled up into one stellar chick.


I normally do not give out recommendations for models, but I have to say peeps, book this girl! Ashley is Bold and classy. Artistic and sexy. Modern fashion meets old Hollywood elegance. I could go on for at least 45 minutes on how great this model is, but I do not want to drive you all crazy :P


Here it is, the update I know you have all been waiting on.


Be sure to check out my newest installment to my portfolio entitled Oceans Gentlemen Club and if you're in the Chicago area, be sure to drop by for a drink, or something a little more risqué if you know what I mean ;)


Click on the photo below to see photos of not only adorable Ashley but also the other great girls I worked with. This event was hosted by Chicago photographer, Billy Pissions.


Thanks for tuning in!



Till next time…


Oceans Gentleman's ClubOceans Gentleman's ClubOceans Gentleman's Club







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