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Since when do the Models call the Shots?

May 09, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


Model wants to have her cake and eat it too!



Every now and then, I like to do a TFP shoot. I realize by doing these many of my peers get upset. They tell me that that I am ruining it for all the other photographers, as they feel by my offering to shoot for trade that I am stealing paid work from them.


My only comment on such thought is HOGWASH!


Shooting time for prints is the only time I get to try out new ideas with both my camera and editing styles for when I work with clients who pay me.  When I practice with my TFP girls there are fewer worries about the fact that if I mess up I do not have to worry about disappointing a client. If my ideas do not work out "as planned" on a TFP, I always make sure that my models walk away with stellar images.


During a trade shoot, I have the opportunity to take images not only to show clients but also for my own portfolio/enjoyment. I became a photographer because I love to create images. If my only reason for going into this business was money I would have taken a bow and exited stage left a long time ago.


With a trade shoot, not only do I get to experiment, I also get new work to show prospective clients. The better majority of my paying clientele do not want their images posted on the internet, as the images I shoot for them are for private use.


In a recent TFP shoot, I had booked a fashion/runway model who answered a casting call on Modelmayhem. I had posted that I needed a models to shoot boudoir, lingerie and some implied nudes. I informed this model that one of the poses I had in mind are slightly “risqué”. However, it still would pass what Facebook or any other website would feel is within what they considered "Decent"


This image could be used any and everywhere with no risk of going to Facebook “jail” or other forms of social media punishment for posting  what some may see as "naughty images"


I explained to model X my intention for the images taken of her in both lingerie and in the pose in question. I told her that her images were not only for my portfolio/website but would also be used for advertising.


The plan was to put the pose I asked her about on the cover of a Mag cloud magazine. I planned to put one together for the shoot that was going to take place on the day we were going to work together. I was shooting 10 other girls aside from her, all girls I could just as easily of shot not only this pose and more lingerie images with.


On the day of the shoot, before I took a single shot of said model, I presented her with my standard model release. In this document, it stated that the intent of this shoot to provide her with valuable modeling experience and by signing, she was giving me total rights to any images we created and that I could do anything that I wanted with them.


The model in question showed up with what I considered some sexy lingerie, with fishnet stockings to boot! I cannot say I was disappointed with her wardrobe selections.


We first shot her in a dress made by a friend of hers who was a fashion designer. I do not normally shoot fashion, by choice; however, I did this as a favor to the model as during the planning of my shoot, she was nice enough to help me find a hairdresser who would work with my budget.


You scratch my back I'll scratch yours kind of deal…


After the shoot, I uploaded all 11 models raw images to private galleries on my website that only they could access with a private link and password.


After model X saw her images, she goes on to FORBID me from posting her images on Facebook!


Adding to her request she had chosen 17 photos from our shoot that she wanted edited for her fashion designer friend and as she put it “Her Guy”


I belong to many social media sites, but Facebook is where I have my largest following. Model X wants to tell me that the images taken with the intention to promote my work are not to be used on the website that I find the better part of my paying clients!


The best I can assume with this total change of heart after he being so excited before and during the shoot was that she showed the private gallery to her significant other and he must not have been too pleased to see his girlfriend in sexy lingerie frolicking around in a bedroom set.


I have to tell you that I am speechless by the request of model X. By looking at her other social media accounts she has many other images posted of herself in bikinis and other fashion/glamour attire that show more of her skin than what was exposed in the images I took of her.


What really got my blood pressure going was the fact that I had not only a hard copy of her model release; someone who watched the two of us sign it also witnessed the written agreement by also signing it.


To add to this insanity, I also had a digital copy with her driver’s license on top of it. I do not leave any holes in my business dealings with models, paid and or TFP shoots.


In all my years of photography, this is only the second time I have had a model try to tell me what I could or could not do with the images we created. Both times, it was after what I can only assume it was their boyfriend, told them that they did not want scantily clad images to be on the internet


The first time this happened, I told the girl and her boyfriend to go pound sand!


I never shoot anyone without a signed model agreement stating what the terms of the shoot are and model X is an experienced model. She has been doing runway, fashion, and glamour modeling for a while now, so she cannot claim nativity about a signing a standard model release and I have no reason to believe I was talking to anyone but her on facebook when I was explaining my ideas for the shoot, the risqué pose and my intent for her images


The last thing I want to do is stir up trouble and keep in mind I was a model for more years than I care to admit, so it is easy for me to put myself in her shoes.


I have given her seven edits so far, in both lingerie and in the dress for “Her Guy” and the fashion designer. Model; X loved what I did with the photos. The fact that she adores them is great, I like them also, but even when you add up my Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr accounts my work will not be seen anywhere near the amount that they would if I were to post them on Facebook.


As I noted before Facebook is my main “Hub” and where I get the better majority of both paid jobs and enquiries about signed print sales.


I do not want to be a bitch, but after investing approximately 2 hours shooting her and 15/20 hours on her edits I feel like model X handed me the short end of the stick. She has a stack of edits that I worked my ass off to produce, but I cannot use them to promote my work.


I have had my rant, please do not ask me who “Model X” is because I do not gossip, I really just had to get this off my chest


However, the question that remains is where do I go from here?


Till Next Time.....



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