Elizabeth Susan Carter Photography | Photoshoot with Morgin Pabst and Cali Sefora

Photoshoot with Morgin Pabst and Cali Sefora

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Shooting with Morgin Pabst and Cali Sefora



After an extended hiatus from photography, I knew it was about time for me to jump back on the horse called photography. I had been waiting a little longer than I should have, as for the right inspiration to hit me it was not going to take just any old model to pull me out of the creative funk I had allowed myself to fall.


I had recently had a heart to heart with my cousin the rockstar, who successfully kicked cancer in the ass. She had also dealt with her fair share of physical pain, even more so than me. She had overcome a long stretch of chemo that put her through the ringer of misery.


All during her struggle, she kept such a great attitude. When I asked her how she kept going with all of her anguish, she told me that when it came to dealing with chronic pain that I had to learn to suck it up and keep on moving.  It is true that I could hide under a blanket clutching my pain medication like a baby, but either way the world was going to keep going with or without me.


 There was no way in hell that I was going to allow chronic pain, no matter how it debilitating to dominating my life or steal one more second from me.


Along came February of this past year and my creative thoughts had been lingering on the Boutique Studio Loft in Chicago for a few months. I so badly wanted to shoot there. Every image that came out of there just looked like magic. I had saved up enough of my pennies to block off the place for a few hours.


I am not trying to sound mellow dramatic by saying that I was dying to get in there; however I was not going to do my first shoot since 2014 with the fist model that came along. I needed a girl with pizzazz!


While glancing over my Facebook feed one morning, I saw that the ever so popular Morgin Pabst was booking shoots in Chicago with another model by the name of Cali Sefora. I had always been intrigued with Morgin. She has done such a great job giving herself a super star persona with the help of free social media sites.


Without taking another beat, I got in touch with both Morgin the model and Shari who owns the Boutique Photo Loft, got the date and time in order and BAM! My first shoot in 2 years was not only good to go, but was also set with two models.


As hard as it was and still is for me to believe as I now write this, I was actually nervous about this shoot. So many questions and doubts ran repeatedly in my head. What if I forgot how to use my camera, did I pack enough batteries for my Speedlight?  What if I lost my creative edge and the photos from the shoot all missed that little something -something that gives my work its own unique vibe?


I just about drove Morgin and myself crazy with me asking and reminding both her and myself over the most mundane details for the shoot. Morgin has had more than her fair share of time on both sides of the camera and even that made me nervous. I had never worked with anyone who had build up such an online persona with the help of social media


Do not feel so bad about living under a rock. I am ashamed to say that I was not completely aware of who Cali was, I had seen images of her here and there, but I was unaware of who this remarkable chick is. Since this is the educational portion of my entry, check this Facebook link out for Ms. Sefora




After going 50 shades of crazy packing up my gear, I silently thanked myself for spending the extra money for access to the loft wardrobe racks. At this point in my self-induced nervous breakdown, there was no way I could deal with how stressed I had made myself over this shoot and then had to of dealt with digging out my crates of wardrobe from when I had my own studio.


Even though I have a brand new studio light that needed its cherry popped, I decided to go with my speed light for this shoot. Shari informed me that the studio gets an amazing amount of natural light and I did not want to add any extra equipment and or stress to what I was already feeling. The morning of the shoot I think MSO wanted to sedate me because I was bouncing off the walls like a kid on Christmas getting out of bed at approximately 5 a.m. Mind you I had set everything on arriving at the studio at noon.


Upon arrival at the Loft, my jaw hit the floor the second the main door opened. It was if someone had gone inside my brain and built my fantasy studio. I am so not kidding; this place was like Disney land to me. This was the absolute perfect setting for me to release my artistic frustrations. If you looked the word glamour up in the dictionary there has to be a photograph of this studio next to it. If there is not one, there seriously should be!


Here is a quick link to the loft





While I was unpacking my gear, Morgin and Cali arrived, although they walked in a good 45 past our set shoot time AND I had to pay for their cab fair, I was in a good mood that day and just went with the flow.


I have to tell you guys, Morgin, in person, looks nothing like she does in photos. All I can say is WOW! 


I must say, Cali is a total knockout! She has long legs, is very sexy and has beautiful deep brown eyes that I could totally see myself getting lost in. I told myself to forget my nerves, only an idiot would screw up a shoot with someone like Cali.



In my opinion, the shoot itself went as well as to be expected, I hit a few bumps here and there with my camera settings, but once my old canon and I got into the groove of things once again and it was like riding a bike. I lost myself to trying to keep up with Morgin and the three hours that we spent together just flew by!


I smoke cigarettes like a chimney, but I was so into the shoot that I only took one smoke break because I had become enamored by these girls, and the way they aimlessly jumped around the studio. 


I shot with both girls solo and did some shots with them jointly. My favorite photo of the girls together was when Morgin jumped on the window seal and Cali joined in. I did not have time to fix my camera settings for this and ended up with not quite detailed images of the girls but on the same note, these were not silhouettes either.


I do not yet know how many of those images are going to be winners, but I shall find out as I sort and dig out the winners.


I know I am going to have a blast editing this shoot!  Even though Morgin wore a lot of old battered wigs, I am sure there still have to be some good images. I plan to go over each and every shot in detail, as both Morgin and Cali have both worked with some of the most incredible photographers and I would like my work to stand a chance against so much amazing talent.


 I actually feel honored to have the chance to be in the same portfolios as many artists whom I admire.


I have never done this before, but I have made a folder in my portfolio gallery from my shoot with Morgin Pabst and Cali Sefora. Be sure to pop on over to my galleries to give those a gander.


I have not made any final selections yet, but I am sure that you will see at least one if not more image from this gallery at the Detroit Dirty Show in 2017!


Who knows, Might even make a more sales than usual next year :)


Prints  of all images are available, feel free to order directly from my website, or contact me if you have any questions and or wish to have your print signed <3


Till next time…





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